Presentation at Avid Reader 23.7.18 : Urban Built- Modern Architecture in West End

This presentation with slides demonstrated how the City Plan has become a ‘City Squabble’ – Ad hoc-ism on top of Ad hoc-ism resulting in a very poor urban environment for the citizens to live in…

The Dunny-ization of Residences

Who remembers the thunder box at the rear of the back yard—quiet an amble, or cheek squeezing, knees together quickstep? All made it to the solitary, one only—never two–excrement collection point. Wonder of wonders, add it as the eighth. Families were larger in the little-house-out-the-back’s heyday: five a minimum, seven hardly noteworthy. Nowadays, a new

Voyeurs and Exhibitionists have rights too !

Brisbane City Council “Policy Affecting the Town Plan or Part of Such Adopted by Council on the 3 March 1998 and advertised in the Courier Mail on 6 March 1998 as required by section 1A. 4 of the Act. Design of Attached and/or Duplex House Development within the Residential “A” Zone  2.5 2 Setbacks and